Baseball and softball consulting, expert witness services,
field safety audits, personal injury prevention

“I have spent a lifetime speaking for player safety. I have counseled, warned, and pleaded for increased coaching awareness and training that protects players. Unfortunately my advice, as well as that of others, has often been ignored or cited as inconvenient.

Safe play has been marginalized by parents and coaches because winning the moment is much more important; the seduction of passing fame. Subsequently players have received reckless supervision. Whether through a consciously managed system of abuse, irresponsible negligence, or coaching ignorance, the bottom line is unnecessary and preventable harm to children.” 

John Pinkman

Baseball & Softball Safety Expert

Baseball & Softball Consultant

John Pinkman became a full-time baseball teaching professional in 1992, when he founded Pinkman Baseball. He continues to be involved in the Academy’s Dulles, VA location.

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Expert Witness Services

Offering subject matter expertise in baseball and softball sports skills. John Pinkman provides valuable service and expert opinion, and has been retained by both plaintiffs and defendants.

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Field Safety Audits

Over 30 years of baseball and softball experience and an independent eye toward injury prevention. Small repairs in advance are likely to prevent large medical bills and insurance claims.

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Safety, First and Foremost

With a nearly 40-year career as a Northern Virginia baseball teaching professional, John Pinkman brings recent, hands-on experience to recreational safety audits and athletic expert witness responsibilities. Additionally, Mr. Pinkman can serve as a specialist working with a municipality, homeowners association, legal team or other expert witnesses.

“Pinkman Academy has got to be the ‘Harvard of Baseball Schools’!”


Joe Walsh

Former Head Coach, Harvard University Baseball

“Many of my patients have benefited from John’s outstanding investigative knowledge of throwing mechanics.”

Dr. Ray Thal

Orthopaedic Surgeon


As a full-time baseball teaching professional, Coach Pinkman brings recent hands-on experience to recreational and athletic expert witness responsibilities. Additionally, Mr. Pinkman can serve as a specialist working with a legal team or other expert witnesses.

As a leader in the baseball training industry John Pinkman has spent decades as a clinician elevating standards of care in the areas of: safe play, facility operation, fundamental training, responsible coaching practices, sore arm diagnosis, and sports vision. 

His constant and continuing education efforts keep him current and broaden his resource base of professionals in baseball training and management, physical therapy, and orthopedic sports medicine. As a clinician and lecturer he teaches best practices and standards of care. A pioneer in the use of emerging technologies, he integrates teaching technologies into mainstream baseball instruction.