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Low cost safety repairs now can save a tragedy and hundreds of thousands in the future.

Prevent Personal Injury

Let’s get there 5 minutes before the next accident.

Safety 1st LLC is a Virginia Corporation

Expert Witness

John Pinkman is a subject matter expert and teacher of sports skills, baseball and softball. As a result of his decades of experience he has provided valuable service and expert opinion, and has been retained by both plaintiffs and defendants.

Field Safety Audits

Field Safety Audits from an on field expert with 30+ years of experience and an independent eye toward injury prevention, can be a great asset to your community. Small repairs in advance are likely to prevent large medical bills and insurance claims.

Pinkman Baseball Academy

The Pinkman Academy is nationally known for excellent athletic education. Since 1992 Pinkman trains the whole athlete integrating:

  • Fundamental Skill
  • Handling Pressure
  • Strategy & Tactics
  • Athleticism
  • Nutrition  and most important
  • Athletic Values


 The Project For Athletic Leadership is a nonprofit effort to teach and support youth leaders. Whether in the classroom or on the field amateur athletics is a process of learning to compete and cooperate. Leadership is not a birthright or an award. Just as important for the leader or teammate leadership is a learned skill.   

Safety First is a Commitment to a Culture

Practice should never be more dangerous than the game!

--John Pinkman

Basics, Fundamentals and Standard of Care

As a leader in the baseball training industry, John Pinkman has spent decades as a clinician, elevating standards of care in the areas of safe play, facility operation, fundamental training, responsible coaching practices, sore arm diagnosis, and sports vision. As a clinician and lecturer he teaches best practices and standards of care. A pioneer in the use of emerging technologies, he integrates teaching technologies into mainstream baseball instruction.

Historical Perspectives and Patterns of Player Management

Spontaneous accidents may be the result of negligent supervision. A detailed analysis can find a pattern of management that leads to the inevitable tragedy. Negligence can evolve from a failure to create a culture of safety, which results in reckless behavior.

Extensive Knowledge of Products and Best Practices

As a columnist for Collegiate Baseball News for more than 15 years, John Pinkman chose the Best in Show products at the American Baseball Coaches Association trade exposition. The constant exposure to, and knowledge of, the benefits of emerging technologies keeps us abreast of current best practice.

National Expertise

While the majority of coaches are careful, concerned, and committed, baseball is replete with outdated, incorrect ‘conventional wisdom’. Some leaders, whether old or young, continue to operate with information that has long been proven false.