Identify and fix risks before they become a problem



Today’s baseball fields were installed decades ago, and often are not adequately maintained. An experienced baseball teacher with an eye toward preventing injury can be a great asset to your community. We recommend mitigating your risk with an independent audit with an eye to player safety.

Inspect Integrity of Your Fencing

Perhaps the easiest remedy to prevent grave injury and an expensive lawsuit is to fix wires attaching fences to polls. Yet for some reason no one seems to notice until someone seriously injured.

A damaged fence on a baseball field
L-screens in disrepair cause safety hazards

Holes in Screens Present Open and Apparent Hazards

We see these damaged dangerous and lethal screen protection units all over the country. For the sake of a few hundred dollars, baseball teams gamble with life threatening injuries to young pitcher’s heads. A line drive at the short distance of 40 feet takes less than half a second to hit this screen or the person behind it.

Is Your Field Safe for Play?

Level Ground?

Leveling out warning track areas is always needed. The risk of someone twisting an ankle or breaking away is very real.

Do Dugouts Protect Players?

Dugouts have to be carefully designed. Behind the child sitting in the dugout is a pitching bull pen. A wild throw could easily fly over the low fence into dugout . There is no door to the dugout. An overthrow from a base put into the dugout and seriously injured a child not paying attention.

An unsafe dugout poses risks to baseball and softball players
Unsafe use of an L-Screen

New Equipment Needs Proper Training

In addition to buying new equipment, there is an incumbent responsibility to train the people in the safe operation and use.